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Streetfood in Korea is part of the important popular culture that is celebrated there. It is of historical significance but nowadays also still an integral part of the Korean food culture. The dishes have changed over time, which is why street food is sometimes referred to as a “moving restaurant.” In this cooking class you can learn about all the latest Korean Streetfrood trends and how to make them.

In this cooking class you will learn everything there is to know about Korean Streetfood from Korean expert Inkyung. She will introduce you to the tastes of Korean Streetfood and provide you with many tips and tricks. In addition to the background knowledge about Korean Streetfood, product information about Asian ingredients and where to buy them and information about the Korean food culture will also be the subject of this cooking class. This class is only taught in English.

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Korean fried chicken in sweet soy & sweet spicy sauce 

Korean steamed bun filled with minced pork and beef & vegetable

Korean style sushi roll

 Haemool Pajeon
Seafood pancake with spring onion


Sugar candy snack

confusion kreis rot weiß

The course price is “All Inclusive” and includes not only the ingredients but also matching wines, beer, coffee, tea, soft drinks, a printed recipe booklet and a give-away.

Aprons, knives and tools are provided for the duration of the course. You are a vegetarian or do you have allergies? You can find more information about food allergies and preferences in the FAQ.

Good to know…

  • Together you cook with 8 to 12 fans of the Asian cuisine.
  • Inkyung shows you all the tricks and know-how and then, of course, you cook and try it yourself.
  • You will not only learn about the recipes, but also a lot about Asian ingredients and Asian food culture.
  • Many of the high quality ingredients we use for our cooking classes are also available in our shop.

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Korean BBQ

ConFusion Studio Fuchsthallergasse 12, Wien

Korean BBQ

ConFusion Studio Fuchsthallergasse 12, Wien